ERASMUS + Programme (Jean Monnet) has entrusted a Consortium of 6 institutions from Slovenia and Armenia the implementation of 3-years (2020-2023) project titled Promotion of the European Studies in Armenia – PROMOEU.

Armenia is on the cross road where it has to develop adequate policies towards the EU, in line with the EU-Armenia Comprehensive and Enhanced Partnership Agreement (CEPA) of 2017 and its engagement within the membership of the country in the Euro-Asian economic union. As to the first orientation that is the primary goal of the PROMOEU project, it is of paramount importance the spreading of awareness of the importance of the cooperation of the country with the EU, and of the necessity of developing new study and research programs and politics in this regard.

The main objective of the project is to promote the knowledge and awareness of the importance of the EU related studies in Armenia and to contribute to education and training of adequate cadre and to the elaboration of relevant programs in this regard.

In order to achieve above mentioned goal, the project will realise several actions, most important are:

  • Organisation of virtual classrooms at the partners’ universities including PROMOEU data base,
  • Organisation of student’s essays/case studies on the EU related topics in the context of Armenia EU relations,
  • Organisation of PROMOEU summer school,
  • Organisation of study visits of academics to the University of Maribor, Slovenia,
  • Organisation of International PROMOEU conference on promotion EU related studies in Armenia and
  • Elaboration of PROMOEU Recommendations for the development/improvement of the European studies and research of EU topics at partner universities in Armenia